Behind the Logo

The concept of our name and logo came to Kevin one morning as he sat in a treestand during a hunt.  The simple idea of the arrow passing through life  and our time on earth.

We made the symbolic connection with the circle of life around the "IF" along with the arrow on the bottom.  The "IF" symbolized to us the uncertainty we have in our life, and to treat each day as a blessing and continue to move forward in life with passion.

To make any decision minor and major you need to know what the goal is and have that end in mind.  It is very important to have a base understanding of the meaning of life or why you're here in this life.  Mine has always been, for as long as I can remember, "to make everything a little better than I find it".  As I matured and grew up, through experiences and travel, my paradigm shifted on what is the perception of better, but without exception this base question has always been asked.


Passing Through Life™ is a printing and engraving business which specializes in promoting your passions. 

We are a husband and wife team, who want to share our designs and love of the outdoors through our products.  We race motorcycles, run Tough Mudders,  run half marathons, bowhunt, dive and love to explore new places.  Most importantly, we want to help you PROMOTE YOUR PASSIONS.  We have recently merged with With Luv Design


About Our Company


Always take the chance and explore the opportunities that come your way.  I am a "dive right in" person and approach my life leaping head first prior to evaluating.  I work on experiencing everything I can in life, whether through doing, learning, or exploring the beauty life has to offer.

We come together with our strengths and  push each other to our personal limits in life, whether it be challenging ourselves with the next adventure or making our way through the difficulties in life.  We build from this yin and yang in our business and work towards finding quality products and workmanship.  We use our life experiences in our designs and are constantly looking for new ways to promote the passion of life.

Our Unique Blend